How Traction on Demand has made migrating from Zendesk to Service Cloud fast and easy.


    Why do we recommend growing organizations migrate from Zendesk to Service Cloud?

    Managing Complex Global Environments

    Through our 10+ years working on the Salesforce Platform, we've found that more and more organizations are turning to technology to help scale their business. This means, that as companies grow (in size and complexity), their systems and processes must support that scale, not hinder them.


    In comparison to Salesforce, Zendesk is not built to support complex global environments or organizations with broad footprints. Specific requirements not supported often include complex escalations and collaboration across departments or groups. This often results in companies hitting the functionality ceiling during a crucial time in their evolution.

    Limited Platform Functionality & Integrations

    Some of our most successful service projects (high ROI on client investment) come when we integrate a large number of systems to bring the most pertinent data to be managed through one screen in Service Cloud


    Zendesk has limited platform functionality and integration capabilities with legacy applications, either through an agent console or APIs, which means you're likely to be using several screens/windows/systems to manage cases.

    Support for B2B Service Centers

    When considering how the Service Cloud supports both B2B and B2C organizations, there are very few platform limitations (which are typically overcome through custom development).


    Zendesk's platform is tailored more to support B2C service centers and less to B2B. This is where we typically find requirements like escalations, complex knowledge, multiple or product-level SLAs and/or a large number of agents.

    Platform Data Access

    Zendesk offers an open platform in which their customers can access their underlying data through an API. However, many report challenges in doing this on a larger scale.


    This means that if your organization had a different system of record (leveraged for reporting and more), you may encouter issues when pulling in large amounts of service-related data.


    Migrating data from Zendesk to Service Cloud is not an easy process and is often a barrier for converting customers from the one platform to the other. Traditionally it has been a manual process that can consume 1000’s of hours and $100,000s of dollars.


    That’s why Traction developed a Zendesk migration utility tool that automates the extraction of all data from Zendesk, configures it and then loads it into Service Cloud instantly. The tool supports both standard and custom objects, including data from Accounts (Organizations), Contacts (Users), Case (tickets, ticket comments, ticket attachments), and Knowledge (articles).

    This tool significantly reduces the time and cost involved and ultimately removes a massive barrier for the customer and lets them invest in building out a robust Service Cloud solution.



    WHAT: Migration challenges addressed by our utility tool

    HOW: Traction's Zendesk to Service Cloud Data IP


    Why we recommend our customers leverage the Salesforce Service Cloud to build amazing customer experiences.

    Provide an effortless customer experience

    Making it easy to interact with your organization creates greater customer retention than providing a 'wow' experience. This requires an integrated approach that includes people, process and technology.

    Allow agents the focus on customers

    Technology and systems should support your customer service reps, instead of hinder them. Provide them with an integrated and intuitive system that allows them to focus on what matters most, the customer.

    Harvest customer interactions

    Who, when, what did they call about, what products, how long, the list goes on. Harvesting your customer interactions can support the future direction of your training, product development, growth plans and more.

    Use data to improve the business

    If correctly implemented, your systems should provide valuable data that supports process iterations and continuous improvement. Scale your business and leverage technology, and the resulting data to get there.

  • Traction is a cloud consulting and software development firm with deep expertise across the Salesforce Platform. Since 2006, Traction has completed 3000+ projects on the platform for some of North America's largest and most influential brands, as well as many small/medium sized companies. Traction is a Platinum Salesforce consulting partner.


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    10 Years

    Innovating on the Salesforce Platform makes us one of the most trusted and experienced partners in North America.


    Unique Customers. Our tailored offerings are built for small businesses to enterprise organizations and everything in between.


    Salesforce projects from quick starts to complex custom engagements, we've done it all. If it's on the Salesforce platform, we've worked with it.


    Custom applications. We leverage the Salesforce Platform to develop custom solutions that support your business requirements.


    Tractionites. Headquartered in Burnaby, BC with offices in Toronto & Montreal and boots on the ground across the US.


    Salesforce Certifications. Our Salesforce certifications are as varied as our experience including Service, Sales, Data.com, Pardot, SFMC, Salesforce CPQ and more.


    Traction's migration utility tool is a service accelerator and not a managed package. Pricing varies based on the amount of data being migrated and the complexity of the overall project. The goal of the tool is to reduce the time, cost and resources spent on the migration component and allow the customer to invest more in building out a robust Service Cloud solution.


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